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I love to create inspirational flower designs for memorable days and have a fondness of foliage. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to play a part in some truly beautiful weddings and events. I have met some lovely people and followed their journey up to the wedding day and beyond. My flowers have appeared in blogs, magazines such as Wedding Flowers & Accessories and Vogue and some of the weddings I have worked on have been featured in Kentish Wedding and Your Kent Wedding. My flowers have even brushed shoulders with the stars.

I create bespoke designs to reflect each client's individual vision for their big day and love it when I get to see everything come together beautifully. Whether your style is vintage, shabby chic, country fair, classic or contemporary, I can craft flower designs to suit.

I offer a full consultation service where we can meet and chat, either in the comfort of your own home, at your wedding venue or at my house and workshop. We will get together as many times as necessary to ensure that all your flower requirements are in place and exactly how you envisaged. I talk you through the design process, providing professional advice and creative ideas to craft a style that's exclusive to you.

I believe in using fresh, high quality materials and always keep abreast with current trends and new products.

I work with various event companies across the South East, providing showstopping floral designs for their clients, along with hiring glassware, candelabras and other props to really help set the atmosphere for a fantastic celebration. I work across Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and Essex and I really am prepared to go the extra mile for my clients.

I am blessed - I love my job!!

Clare x

Girl Flower Loves

I work with many wedding professionals, from talented photographers to crafty cake people so if you're still looking for suppliers to complete your special day please feel free to call my friends:

Michelle from Mary Kay Wedding Day Makeup

Tel : 07837 736353

Nichola from Lemonade Pictures

Tel : 07540 262382

Rob Power Photography

Tel : 07931 936605

Zenith Cinematography

Tel : 01342 410161/ 07898 966742

Bella & Marty from VW Brides

Tel : 07511 916586

Jess from Jess Petrie Photography

Tel : 07581 209794

Festival Brides


Tel : 01892 576364

The Gin Box

Tel : 07779 366957

Vivienne from Sweet Treats Cakes

Tel : 07891 820706

Sharon from No. 64 Luxury Boutique Hotel

Tel : 01732 871386

George from The Redfords Wedding Band & Acoustic Duo

Tel : 07711 432598

Adam Hoffman - The All Round Entertainer

Tel : 07752 064100

The Hop Farm

Tel : 01622 870831

Etienne Pradier Magician

Tel : 01233 811952/07772 727432

Tessa Billington - Harpist

Tel : 01622 870831

The Boogie Knights

Tel : 01622 870831

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